The next installment of the coverage pertaining to the upcoming new studio album "Wareligion" of the thrash-death metal company ANTIGOD from Havířov is here! Today we continue mapping the combat operations in Šopa Studio, which means a second situation report aimed at, as announced last time, rear units.

We shall thus cover: the matter of moving from point A to spot height B, Clausewitz's manual for construction of rear bases of operations with special emphasis on cooling systems for regiment morale boost, directives for field deployment of army marching bands and choirs, and finally visit the field kitchen of feldwebel Stoklosinski, who will share his recipe for the iconic "Kanoneneier".



But that is not all. Starting today, you can pre-order "Wareligion" in the Central supply depot, that is, on MetalGate e-shop!

So enjoy and next time we shall look at the visual side of "Wareligion".

Read more about the album in the current press release.