You are surelly aware that at the end of this November, MetalGate Records shall release the new studio album "Wareligion" of the Havířov-based thrash-death metal grinder ANTIGOD! And that means, yes correct, that we begin our coverage about this piece.

Today we shall kick off the behind-the-scenes look at the recording session, whereby we bring you several photos from the field trip into the Šopa Studio, wherein the new material was recorded for posterity under the supervision of Standa Valášek.

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Furthermore, we shall also reveal what "Wareligion" will be about. Theme-wise it shall be a historical excursion on the scope of 12 tracks straight into epicenter of the horrors of World War I, whereby the cornerstone will be the impact of the wartime madness into an individual and his reaction to it.

Read more about the album story in the current press release.

So enjoy and next time is studioreport time.