Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming Czech edition of the fourth volume of the Black Metal saga by Dayal Patterson "Into the Abyss". Today we are delving into the visual side of the book, as well as into more details about its content.

Thus here is the cover of the Czech edition! It comes once again from the depths of our own graphics department, keeping of course to the style of all three predecessors to emphasize the serial nature of all four volumes.

Content-wise, “Black Metal: Into the Abyss” consists of the following 19 chapters on 337 pages in total:

Helheim / Urgehal / Tsjuder / 1349 / Vemod / One Tail, One Head / Koldbrann / Mystifier / Besatt / Sacrilegium / Black Altar / MasseMord & Furia / Mord'A'Stigmata / Blaze of Perdition / Loits / Forgotten Woods / Deinonychus / Hypothermia / Nocturnal Depression / Trist / Psychonaut 4

So enjoy and more next time!