Dear friends, we are kicking off our release plan for this year! This time we begin on the literature front with nothing less than the Czech edition of the fourth volume in the black metal saga by the English writer and music journalist Dayal Patterson, which bears the title “Black Metal: Into the Abyss” and is set for mid-January already.

The book is a direct sequel to its predecessor “Black Metal: Cult Never Dies” and thus offers even more tales from Norway (of bands such as 1349, One Head, One Tail, Tsjuder or Urgehal), from Poland (Blaze of Perdition, Besatt, Furia, MasseMord or Mord’A’Stigmata) and from the realm of depressive black metal (Forgotten Woods, Deinonychus or Hypothermia). There is however a couple of exceptions with the presence of Mystifier from Brazil or Loits from Estonia. The local readership will also surely appreciate the inclusion of the Czech project Trist.

The form is somewhat different this time, as the individual chapters are built around direct interviews with members of the bands in question.

Hence conclude the opening announcement of our coverage regarding this title, with more information coming in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

As usual, our edition will be in Czech only. The English original is available via its publisher Cult Never Dies.

Enjoy a více zase příště!

Video by Woll Design