Dear friends, welcome to the second announcement of our coverage regarding the upcoming second installment of the Dělníci kovu book series, this time with the life story of Vlakin, the icon of Czech grindcore, penned by Václav Votruba. Today we bring you the visual side of the book, as well as more details about its content.

First, behold the book cover, created, along with the overall design, layout and typesetting, again by Tom F. Hanzl, a.k.a. Maestro Chymus, a longtime friend of Vlakin and his bandmate from Isacaarum.

Second, content-wise, "Dělníci kovu II: Vlakin" offers 122 pages of text, rare photos and overviews in total, divided into the following nine segments:

Prolog / I - The School Years / II - Plastic Grave / III - Ingrowing / IV - Isacaarum / V - Other Bands / VI - Patrik Staněk / VII - Vlakinography: The chronology / VIII - Vlakinography: Full-length albums

More info available in the latest press release, which is to be found here.

So, enjoy and more next time!