Dear friends, we are opening the second part of our release plan for this year, and once again on the literature front. Next month already, we will publish the second volume of Dělníci kovu, the biographical series that presents the key personas of the Czech metal scene, by the writer and music journalist Václav Votruba. And who is the protagonist this time? Vlakin!

An iconic figure of the Czech extreme metal scene. A pillar of Czech grindcore. A bassist with a signature baseball hat, who simply stands out on a stage both musically and quite literally. A founder of the legendary grinders INGROWING, as well as an accomplice to many other musical endeavors (Plastic Grave, Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland, Pure, Ahumado Granujo, Isacaarum).

Unlike the first volume, Vlakin's story is this time told as a book-long interview, but that is where the differences pretty much end and like the first volume, the book is packed with many curiosities from both his life and artistic career.

More details to follow in our usual coverage, so stay tuned!

Enjoy and more next time!

Video by Woll Design