Dear friends, the first two titles from our release plan for this year are done and dusted, and so it would not go amiss to look ahead at what else to expect, namely on the literature front:

Generally speaking, we have several treats lined up especially for all fans of the extreme metal genres.

All death metal and grindcore maniacs can look forward to on one hand the Czech translation of "Choosing Death", a comprehensive history and anatomy of said genres, penned by Albert Mudrian, the editor in chief of the prestigious American metal magazine Decibel, and on the other hand the second volume of the "Dělníci kovu" series, this time with the biography of maestro Vlakin (Ingrowing, Isacaarum).

Furthermore, we are also to conclude, for now at least, the black metal saga of Dayal Patterson with the Czech translation of the fourth installment "Into the Abyss".

Details regarding individual titles, including their release dates, will come in due course in our usual coverages, so stay tuned to be in the know.