Dear friends, and you who revel in the pure Northern misery in particular, today marks the official release of the Czech edition of the authorized biography of the British gothic/doom metal legend Paradise Lost, penned by the American writer David E. Gehlke!

A book about the legendary Paradise Lost out now in Czech translation

They worked their way from metal underground to worldwide acclaim and legendary status. They were not afraid to evolve and to make radical changes. They were persistent and kept following their path, which makes their music diverse and exciting. Paradise Lost simply belong among the classics, with each of their albums being a strongly anticipated release. And it is their rich discography and its many milestones (among other things of course) that lies at the core of an elaborate literary portrait of the band by David E. Gehlke, which is now published in Czech translation. The authorized biography is entitled Bez oslav: Oficiální příběh Paradise Lost (No Celebration: The Official Story of Paradide Lost).

“It was my goal to provide a thorough examination of every Paradise Lost studio album, including the writing and recording process, as well as the touring cycle for each,” states David E. Gehlke in the book’s introduction.

Since No Celebration was originally published in 2019, its account is missing the Obsidian album, which came out two year later. However, the Czech readers will not be missing out, as the author updated the book with a brand-new chapter about the latest release.

Published by MetalGate Records, the book has 358 pages in total, is published in paperback format, and is of course also rich in terms of photos that cover the various eras of the band history. Foreword was written by Karl Willetts from the death metal outfit Memoriam, who for instance highlights the friendship with the gentlemen of Paradise Lost. He also reminisces about a joint concert in 1989 in Bradford: “I remember being blown away with the intensity of their live performance and the density of their doom-laden riffs, which really stood out and set them apart from the majority of other U.K. bands. You could tell even then that they were a band destined for greater things.”

Translated by Aleš Ondráček; dtp by Radek Doleží; original cover by Michael Wohlberg.

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