Dear friends, time has come once again to dive into the release plan of our label for this year, and it is apt to preface that this time there are several special projects on the menu so to speak. And today, we would like to introduce the first one of those.

The story is thus: Jiří "BigBoss" Valter, the Grandiose Magus and one of the most notable personae of the Czech metal scene, is about to celebrate in February an important life anniversary. Such occasion of course merits something extra, and that something will be a complete re-issue of the Maestro's solo albums that were released under his BigBoss Band project. That means from the 1997 debut "Q7" to the 2019 full-length "Než zemřu".

The collection is entitled "Pentagrammaton" (as it contains five albums) and you can look forward to it next month already!

You can thereby consider our customary coverage of this specialty as launched, so stay tuned for further updates.