Dear friends, welcome to the next score in the release plan of our label for this year. We are once again back on the literature front, so if you are a reader and a fan of the classic heavy metal, pay heed, for this next book, due late October, is all about one of the key names of precisely this genre.

And if we add that the individual in question is one who once for all made popular the inseparable metal greeting known as the sing of the horns, and whose musical career is tied to bands such as Rainbow, Heaven and Hell or Black Sabbath, then by now it is crystal clear that the persona in question is none other than Ronald James Padavona, better known in the metal world as RONNIE JAMES DIO!

The waiting for the official biography of this one of the most significant heavy metal singers, who – sadly – passed away in 2010, was long indeed. So much so that the American writer James Curl got tired of waiting and one day decided to write Ronnie’s biography on his own. It took him sixteen months, with the book being published in 2018 under the title “Ronnie James Dio: A Biography of a Heavy Metal Icon”.

And it is this unofficial bio that we are now bringing to you in Czech translation. Gear up for a fascinating story, that will take you through six decades of the musical career of this giant of a man, in 14 chapters and on over 200 pages.

More about this title is to come of course in our usual coverage, so stay tuned!

Enjoy and more next time!

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