Dear friends, welcome to the fourth installment of our coverage pertaining to the October double-release. Today, we are looking at the art of both upcoming albums.

In case of "Old Dogs", Six Degrees Of Separation opted for a minimalist design created by Pavla Danenbergerová, as her premier piece in the field of metal-related artworks.

On the other hand, "Arrival" by Arch Of Hell presents an epic scenery indeed, created by the veteran metal visual artist Mustapha Design Dz.

So, how do you like?

That is not all of course. As usual, we have here also the tracklist of each album. And let us preface that in either case, there is plenty of new material to listen to.

For "Old Dogs" shall offer no less than 12 new songs, namely:

Lunacy Mantra / Standing on the Shoulders of / Blind Date with the Past / Best for Me / Common Aim Ltd / In between / Thoughtfull Sheep (Coming of age) / Moral Sportsmanship / Tied by Shame / For the little girl / Last Days of Sisyphus / Thin Line

"Arrival" only one song less, so 11 new blasts:

Chariots of the Gods / Arrival / Nile / Sachmet / Curse of Reincarnation / 19.07.13 / Stardust / Follow the Sphinx / Ambrosia / Ungrateful / Vanishing out of the Earth

So, enjoy and more next time!