Dear friends, some of you inquired as to the possibility of having the first installment of the new series Dělníci kovu by Václav Votruba signed by the great Tom Necrocock himself. Our answer is yes! We communicated your wishes to the Maestro, who then graced us with his visit and signed several copies of his necrobiography.

Then, however, something truly unique took place. The Maestro also sang and performed on his ukulele for us a brand-new song from his upcoming weird necroalbum! We are deeply honored to be the first to witness a live performance of Necrocock over the last 20 years, happening in our offices and as an utter premiere on top of everything.

That said, we filmed both the necrosigning session, as well as the show, so that you are now left out from this momentous occassion.


P.S. the signed books are now on their way to their new owners. And if you do not have a copy yet, head on to MetalGate e-shop.