Dear friends, the presentation of the roster of the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast is nearly done. From the last six names, two are already known, and today we are announcing the next pair! Last time we ended up in North America, wherein we remain, however moving from death metal to the black metal scene.

So, get ready for:

UADA (usa)

While death metal is a widespread genre in the United States, with U.S. death metal outfits ranking among the best worldwide, black metal on the other hand is something not commonly associated with the North American metal scene – something UADA is striving to change. Established in Portland in 2014, this act builds on the finest from the 90s second wave of black metal, while fusing this raw basis with haunting melodies (after all, the band name itself means “haunted” in Latin). Appearing live regularly from the get-go, the band soon gained a stable fandom throughout he northwestern Pacific region, and later cemented its standing with two full-lengths – “Devoid of Light” from 2016 and “Cult of a Dying Sun” from last year. These days, UADA is touring across Europe in the mighty company of Tribulation and Gaahls Wyrd, having visited Prague recently. If however you happened to miss their nocturnal rites or are wishing for a re-run, there is a solution – MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019!


PANZERFAUST from Canada are yet another fine example of black metal being very much alive oversees. This outfit is on the warpath since 2005 and could tell of both achievements as well as moments when lives were at stake. Speaking of the former, PANZERFAUST released thus far three acclaimed recordings that brought them, show-wise, side by side with such names as Marduk, Vitals Remains, Dimmu Borgir or Slayer. Therein however comes the latter. On a tour in 2017 the band had a car accident, in which their van fell into a frozen lake. Miraculously, all survived almost unscathed, and what is more, strengthened and galvanized to create another release, of which they already speak as their opus magnum. Planned for Spring 2019, it is to be an offering of raw yet complex black metal with a powerful lyrical concept of a philosophical contemplation of war in its general sense and a simultaneous strong statement against all extremism, be it religious or political. The resulting synthesis could aptly be described as the soundtrack to “a boot stamping on a human face forever.” Thus, for witnessing the Orwellian evil in musica, join us at MGCDF 2019!

Enjoy and more next time!