Dear friends, the roster of MGCDF vol.9 is still not fully revealed, so please welcome our latest additions. This time it is once again a bit more extreme batch and we keep to the Czech scene.

So, get ready for:


The Czech death metal icon HYPNOS was established in 1999 by former members of KRABATHOR, Bruno (bass, vocals) and Pegas (drums). After signing a contract for three albums with the German label Morbid Records, the band quickly gained positions on the European death metal map, and thus far toured with e.g. Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Napalm Death, Vader or Amon Amarth. After two albums produced by Harris Johnsen (Helloween, Sodom, Kreator oor Voivod), HYPNOS began cooperating with the Norwegian sound engineer Børge Finstad (Mayhem, Ihsahn, Arcturus, Borknagar etc.), who produced the latest album “The Whitecrow”. Its recording included several guests, such as V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress), Paul Speckmann (Master), Christopher (Krabathor) or Martin Missy (Protector). The album shall be released this March under the German label Einheit Produktionen, which means you can look forward to hearing the new songs live on MGCDF 2017!


Czech death metal icon and co-organizer of MGCDF, so no lengthy introduction is needed. Last year, TORTHARRY celebrated their 25th anniversary, and for that occasion, MetalGate Records released a comprehensive re-edition of their discography, entitled “25 let mezi nebem a peklem”, that includes all eight studio albums, four early demos (including a truly rare one) and several bonus tracks. Early this year, TORTHARRY ventured abroad once again, visiting Malta, where they performed on the Dark Winter Meeting festival, and re-visiting Latin America with their Mexican tour. Now they are back on the home turf and very much looking forward to seeing you all once again on MGCDF.


Black-death metal horde from Western Bohemia that in November last year unleashed its awaited debut "Assailing the Holy", rightfully praised for its raw sound and feel, technical maturity and compositional diversity. Although MALLEPHYR is active only since 2014, its ranks are comprised with seasoned veterans of the Western Bohemian black metal underground, especially from bands Stíny plamenů, Panychida and Gate of Illusions, whose remnants gave rise to MALLEPHYR. The band also already has an impressive live record, including supporting of Dark Funeral, Forgotten Tomb or Oranssi Pazuzu, as well as festival appearances on Brutal Assault, Phantoms of Pilsen or Enter the Eternal Fire. This horde is well worth keeping an eye on, for it has the potential to make a mark on the extreme metal scene. After all, on MGCDF 2017 you can see for yourself.


Czech modern death metal commando. Since their founding in 2007, the band released an EP “Sakura” (2009), a debut album “Deathwish” (2012), and is currently finishing their second full-length piece “Afterlife”. ANIME TORMENT played multiple shows, including several European tours, and are regulars on many festivals as well. You should not miss them on ours as well.

NBF (cz)

So that we do not omit hardcore, we welcome to MGCDF 2017 the South Bohemian squad NBF, established in 2014. It was founded by members of Gutalax, Who Killed Marilyn? and Never Hope, so expect no newbies here. Last April, NBF released their debut album “Seeking The Truth”, which they will play from on our festival. Get ready to moshpit!


That one can experiment even in death metal and that the Czech scene has those who can do it, shall be proven to you on MGCDF 2017 by New Hate Form, established in 2015. Their first official show took place last May and their first score discography-wise is yet to come. However, they already have much to offer to the fans, so do not skip them.



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