Dear friends, time to continue the countdown to the pilgrimage of the cult of the Cosmic Chaos, that is, to the Octodance European Tour 2016!

Recently, we checked on Minority Sound and Postcards from Arkham during their preparations, so now it is time to see how the tour's special overseer, who came all the way from R'lyeh to join this occassion, is gearing up. And as evident from the attached photos, he is not leaving anything to chance (which is strange for a creature born out of the primordial Chaos, but then again it is futile to seek logic in chaos). 

One thing the Spawn of Cthulhu is still missing is a name, but you can give him one, and win in the process a free entry to a tour stop of your choice, if you take part in our little contest. Details here.

Also check out the complete list of shows on the official tour event.