The Christmas arrived early, for we have for you the name of the final headliner of the eighth installment of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest, plus a dadaist seasons greeting!

The final headliner for MGCDF 2016 hails from the cold north and to our great joy it is the Norwegian avant-garde black metal icon DHG, DØDHEIMSGARD!

You like? We do very much!

Current press release available here.

And since we are on the subject of Christmas (and psychedelics) we shot for you a seasons greeting that turned out in the end so dada that would make even Marcel Duchamp envious :-)

In other news, our info service regarding MGCDF 2016 will take a break now, but in January 2016 we shall be back with a new batch of confirmed bands!

We would also dare to note that a festival ticket can make a great Christmas gift. So feel free to drop by either MetalGate e-shop or Tortharry shop, wherein the current emission of tickets costing 22 Euro is on sale.

So happy holidays and all the best in new year!