Dear friends, the second practical announcement of the upcoming 13th installment of our/your Czech metal feast is here. Today, it is all about refreshments, i.e. about the golden ale, for this year as well did our partner, Primátor Brewery, brew a special batch of American Pale Ale for the festival. The conosseurs are of course in the know. For the rest, let's see what gives. 

APA - top fermented, fragrant and refreshing, highly drinkable American Pale Ale. The result of the right combination of barley, wheat and oat malts is a light, unfiltered naturally turbid eel, which attracts your attention with its distinctive citrus scent. The medium body and pleasant bitterness are underlined by the distinctive aroma of a varied palette of hop varieties.

Hops on the brewing variations Northern Brewer (UK), Triskel (F) and Chinook (USA) are built on pine, lime and mint, gradually blending with the tones of flowers and tropical fruits and finally a pleasant scent of grapefruit dominates. The floral hop essence and intense citrus taste are underlined by cold hops with the proven varieties Citra (USA) and Kazbek (CZ). The balanced hop and malt profile will entice you to drink again.

PRIMÁTOR APA will simply entertain you, either as a refreshing beer to a quick thirst or as a great ejl for endless discovery of the world of beer flavors and aromas. Not to mention that last time it disappeared very quickly, so do not miss out this time!

Of course, on tap you can further enjoy the usual Primátor classics: Antonín (draught beer), light and dark lager, wheat Weizenbier (awarded the best beer worldwide title by World Beer Awards in London), Primátor non-alcoholic beer, and the popular raspberry lemonade.

So, cheers!