Dear friends, we are back with our info service regarding the upcoming 13th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. Our kick-off is another batch of confirmed bands, which brings more of our esteemed international guests, namelly from the European black and death metal scene. Please welcome:


Greece certainly knows how to do extreme metal… And we are not speaking just about ROTTING CHRIST, though there is a connection even in this case. For the mastermind behind LUCIFER’S CHILD is the guitarist George Emmanuel, who was once part of the aforementioned icon. There is no need however to appeal to his legendary colleagues, since LUCIFER’S CHILD hold up in their own right! It is a band of spellbinding energy and warmachine might, oftentimes reveling in mid tempos and keyboard arrangements, which give their sound significant occult overtones. Simply put, the finest godless black metal made in Athens! After all, those who attended MGCDF 2015 will surely recall – back then, LUCIFER’S CHILD were more less at the onset of their career, yet even so, their presentation was that of a confident band that knows what it wants. The feedback to both full-lengths further attests to their qualities. “The Wiccan” debut was unleashed in 2015 and immediately caught the attention of all genre fans, while three years later came its successor “The Order”, a more heavyweight opus that further cemented the band’s reputation. This will be a black metal mayhem par excellence; a triumphant return to MGCDF that we are very much looking forward to!

SEDNA (it)

Although SEDNA hails from the sunny Italy, their arrival to the stage of MGCDF will be chilling indeed. The extreme metal of these mood weavers stems primarily from black metal, though you can find in it elements of sludge or ambient, which results in a all consuming mix of furious tempos and emotive passages, a dynamic soundscape that is perhaps even more impressive live than on albums. And speaking of albums, the latest full-length of SEDNA is “The Man Behind The Sun”, once again a majestic and striking opus! SEDNA already played on MGCDF once before, conjuring with their music a singular atmosphere that will surely captivate all spectators this year again. A performance you cannot miss!


The French outfit DESTINITY revels in heavyweight metal since the mid-90s. From their initial direction of symphonic black/death, the band gradually shifted to melodic death metal, which meant an international breakthrough. After all, DESTINITY are very much capable of fusing the extreme with hymnic choruses and guitar lines that sear into one’s memory. Hence, their music is accessible to a wide range of metal fans, making them a great band for summer festivals! Last year, DESTINITY released a brand-new opus “In Continuum”, which makes clear that even after a quarter of a century on the scene, the band does not live off its past achievements, but is marching uncompromisingly forward. And should you wish to explore what came before, try for example their 2008 full-length “The Inside”! Their appearance on such iconic festivals as Hellfest Open Air, Summer Breeze or Turock Open Air further speaks to the qualities of DESTINITY.


To play progressive death metal is no small challenge for any musician. However, PLANET HELL of Poland took it head on showing confidently with every show played and every new recording released that they intend to gain the respect of all genre fans! Including those in the Czech Republic, where the band played for example on MGCDF 2018 or alongside Hypnos in Uherské Hradiště. The roots of PLANET HELL stem to 2014, to a purely solo project of Przemysław Latacz that transformed to a full-fledged band a year later. Their discography contains two full-lengths so far – “Mission One” (2016) and “Mission Two” (2019), which both, it is apt to note, stem lyrically from the works of Stanisław Lem, an acclaimed sci-fi novelist, philosopher and futurologist. Together with the sophisticated technical music, a brilliant combination indeed!

PROCH (pl)

Are you into black metal, but do not fancy its more experimental shades? In that case cometh PROCH! This Polish triumvirate is all about uncompromising, bone-shattering black metal. No mercy! And in case you do not know them, dive into their 2018 full-length “Trupi Synod” to know what to expect on MGCDF 2022. Poland is simply the bastion of extreme metal!

More confirmed bands are coming up next week already, so stay tuned!


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