Dear friends, time to get our customary info service regarding the next, already 12th, installment of our/your Czech metal feast rolling. As usual, we will first revisit the edition past, i.e. this year's one, in three videos no less.

The first one is a classic aftermovie, which sums up all the commotion of MGCDF 2019.

In the second one, you have the opportunity to glimpse the happenings within the backstage of our festival. And that is something you do not come across every day:

We are concluding with a somewhat unusual piece, entitled "The mystery of the vanished one, a.k.a. Pedyk went to the barber shop", which is a cameo from the festival life of our chief sound engineer Petr "Pedyk" Beran. At the sime time, it is also a big thank you to our entire staff that sees to the smooth run of the festival festivities:



So enjoy and stay tuned for the first confirmed bands!