The sixth installment of bands contest MetalGate Massacre concluded its basic leg with the third basic round. From this battle we bring you not only the results, but also even live videos of individual performances. 

The results of Round Three are thus: 

1st place - LATEXJESUS (21 votes total)


2nd place - DRUNK WITH PAIN (20 votes total)


3rd place - TERALODON (12 votes total)


To the Grand Finale are thus advancing the electronica-black act LATEXJESUS as the round winner, as well as the metal band DRUNK WITH PAIN as the second best place, that is, a band with the highest number of votes of all second places in all basic rounds (for comparison, bands Vaguard and Notion Deep from the previous two rounds both gained 14 votes). Congrats!

Note: even this round had the misfortune of the fourth competing band, this time Gun Alchemy, skipping out, thereby not appearing on the round.

The basic leg is done, however on Thursday, March 3, Modrá Vopice shall host the Grand Finale of the sixth installment! See you there! 

Check out photos from round three here.