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Drom & Blues For The Redsun

Fullmoon Alchemy Narcotic Session

Total time: 35:50 * Style: post-metal / sludge-doom * MetalGate 2018


V tanci světel (Drom) / Crime Reduction (BFTRS)

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Within Destruction

Total time: 34:21 * Style: death-thrash * MetalGate 2018


Within Destruction / The Last Attack of Final Cataclysm / When the Sun Turns to Black / Between the Hammers of Doom / Mother Death / United in Hate / Whores of War / Grand Finale / Annihilated. All. Absolutely.

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Postcards from Arkham


Total time: 30:33 * Style: dark folk * MetalGate 2018


One world is not enough / From the bottom of the ocean / Owls not what they seem / 2nd of april / Thousand years for us / Polaris / My gift, my curse / Elevate

"Spirit is ideal for relax or a chill-out listening session. At the same time it underscores the originality of an unmistakable band."
Metal Forever

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War For War

In Situ

Total time: 34:20 * Style: aggrotech * MetalGate 2018


Ozbrojené stroje / Arsenik / Vůz hořel / Svod / Důlní díla / Pohaslé město / Digitron

"The album does not lack in terms of ideas and good melodies that are embellished by the beautiful voice of Lenka Machová. Morbivod' growl goves the music a proper drive... Music-wise, War For War made a risky move, when going for electronics, but Morbivod's signature is still present."
Metal Forever

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