Arch Of Hell


Total time: 41:37 * Style: melodic metal * MetalGate 2020


Chariots of the Gods / Arrival / Nile / Sachmet / Curse of Reincarnation / 19.07.13 / Stardust / Follow the Sphinx / Ambrosia / Ungrateful / Vanishing Out of the Earth

Balance. The album is all about balance for me... There is a synergy present here and each member of the band contributes equally. They are also all very talented musicians, honing their songwriting into a near-masterpiece of an album. Grandiose, yet subtle arrangements, with crystal clear production, is what you can expect. Any fans of Melodic Death/Symphonic Metal will surely like this.
Metal Temple

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Towards the Great White Nothing

Total time: 30:02 * Style: black-doom metal * MetalGate 2020


Crystalline Key / Thargelia / Of Gnosis and Agony / Between Terror and Erebus / Desert Twilight

"With “Towards the Great White Nothing” MetalGate and Voluptas have delivered a fantastic piece of sinister and fascinating music, perfect as the soundtrack for the upcoming dark and cold days of winter, which might be especially grim in 2020/2021 due to the shitty situation we are in right now all over the world."
Encyclopaedia Metallum 

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Václav Votruba

Dělníci kovu I: Necrocock

No. of pages: 168 * paperback * MetalGate 2020


Prolog / I - Metalové námluvy / II - Master's Hammer / III - Praktiky pohřebních ústavů / IV - Jilemnický okultista / V - Kaviar Kavalier / VI - +Klinik+ / VII - Studio Y / VIII - Konvalium / IX - Expedice do pohřebních ústavů / X - Hudba pro letadla a spící autobusy / XI - Bukkake, Asiatky a sexturismus... / XII - Žhavý neklid... Master's Hammer se vrací / XIII - Úprk do klidných lesů / XIV - Klid před bouří / XV. - Konve / XVI - Sexuálně-klinicko-cestovatelský konvolut / XVII - Návrat k mládí... do psychiatrických pavilonů / XVIII - Do lesa... na houby! / XIX - Master's Hammer na turné. Bez Necrococka / XX. - Necrocock detektivem / XXI - Jan Žižka z Trocnova / XXII - Konečně novinka od Kaviar Kavalier / XXIII - Necrocock nekončí / Necrocock pod palbou! / Necrografie / Epilog

"And how to view the book as a whole? Spiteful seekers of mistakes and of what should have been done differently will surely find their own. For me as a fan however, it has an incredible value and I would not change a thing."
Hard Music Base

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Drom & Tengri


Total time: 34:35 * Style: post-metal/shoegaze & atmospheric alternative post-rock * MetalGate 2020


Jsi světlo, tak neboj (Drom) / - (Drom) / Potomci vědění (Drom) / Buďme jako voda, která všechno očistí (Tengri) / Buďme jako země, která všechno vydrží (Tengri)

"[Both sides of the vinyl] make a solid whole, through which winds a dark, desperate even, line. It is not hopelessness though. Give up, let the world drown in what is bad in people? Never. From despair, anger may arise." 

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