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Dear friends, breaking news from our label: The Prague-based post-metal/doom quintet The Corona Lantern unleashes a new single! Entitled "Tam nahoru", it is the outcome of the band revisiting, three quarters of a year of the second macabre opus "Certa Omnibus Hora", the familiar, murky waters in an attempt to reformulate the “Up the Last Hill” song into their mother tongue.

Dear friends, last week the hell itself spawned upon the world the vinyl edition of the second studio opus "Arcizlo" of the Czech black metal triumvirate NĀV, whereupon the next istallment of our "talks" series is in order, one dedicated precisely to this rising star of Czech black metal and its music. Of course, the latest edition of "Arcizlo" is not the only topic we discussed. Enjoy! 

Dear friends, for all followers of the Czech black metal scene, as well as for all vinyl collectors brings today's dusk the official release of the LP edition of the second full-length opus "Arcizlo" by the Czech triumvirate NĀV, in no less than two color versions - the oxblood red and classic black! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Dear friends, since the release of the vinyl edition of the second full-length opus "Arcizlo" of the Czech black metal triumvirate NĀV fast approaches, in today's fourth installment of our coverage a sampling of the music is in order!

Dear friends, the third installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming vinyl release of the "Arcizlo" opus by the Czech black metal triumvirate NĀV has arrived. Last time covered the album art, so let us dive into the album music, beginning with its genesis.

Dear friends, great news from the literary front. The reprint of the Czech translation of the first and second volume of the Black Metal series by the English writer Dayal Patterson is ready!