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When the "ÆØN5" album was being made, Frodys, the frontman of Postcards from Arkham, ventured into the forests to discuss its creation. Now that the release of its successor "MANTA" is nigh, here comes the second installment of Frodys's woodland talks.

Dear friends, next weeks begins in Jaroměř yet another installment of Brutal Assault and we shall once again attend. Not only shall one of stages again bear our name, but same as last time, the battle shall be joined by a contingent of our bands!

Dear friends, do you remember our Lovecraftian tale pertaining to the upcoming album "MANTA" by Postcards from Arkham? Do you recall Roger J. Greeves, his trailing of the enigmatic cult named the Orphic Assembly of Manta Primordialis, and his disappearance in Kingsport? If yes, and you are curious what happened next, good news - the sequel is here!

Dear friends, though it may appear that we are having an idle season during the holidays, it is not so. As you well know, this summer belongs to the Primordial Manta, Her cosmic song and the Orphic Assembly, that is, to the third studio album "MANTA" of the Czech post-rock project Postcards from Arkham!

Dear friends, today is the official release of the second, conceptual album "Visions" of the Czech squad Desire for Sorrow, which presents a cyberpunk story with a melodic black metal soundtrack! Order now on MetalGate-eshop!

Dear friends, ever since Roger J. Greeves disappeared in Kingsport, whilst investigating the cult of the Orphic Assembly of Manta Primordialis, no further developments emerged. However, now the veil of silence lifts...