Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the Czech version of the book Non Serviam: The Official Story Of Rotting Christ, coming up by the end of April. Last time we explored how this whole enterprise came to be, today, we shall look inside the book itself

In terms of form, expect no monolithic historical study, as the bulk of the text is given to the musicians themselves, that is, to the memories and musings of Sakis and the other members of ROTTING CHRIST. The presence of the second author, Dayal Patterson, in the text is thus for the most part in the back, arising to the fore only when context is needed or the debate on hand requires some direction.

Content-wise, as we informed you last time, this book presents the story of ROTTING CHRIST from A to Z so to speak, i.e. from the birth of the Tolis brothers to the brand new album "The Heretics". To get a clearer idea, just glance at the chapter titles:

A Childhood In Greece / Discovering Extremity / Early Inspirations / Black Churches & Rotting Christs / Grindcore Daze / Satanas Tedeum / Morbid Induction / Passage To Arcturo / Thy Mighty Contract / Storm Studio / Fuck Christ / Non Serviam / Desperate Times and Exotic Travels / Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers / Band Of One / A Dead Poem / Sleep Of The Angels / Khronos / Genesis / Sanctus Diavolos / Theogonia / Aealo / Rotting Christ Reborn / Katá Ton Daímona Eautoú / Rituals / Glorious Past, Bright Future

All this on 300 pages with rare and archival images.

Enjoy and more next time!