Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new full-length "Toxin" of the Czech cyber metal orchestra MINORITY SOUND. Today, we are exploring the creation of this album, meaning a studioreport is in order!

In it, we are visiting The Barn Studio in Northern Bohemia, wherein "Toxin" was recorded during December of last year, under the experienced oversight of the producer Dan Friml. Beside checking out the recording session itself, the report also reveals what "Toxin" is about lyrics-wise, who is making the album art, and of course you can also listen to a bit of the new material. We thus recommend you watch till the very end.

In conclusion it is apt to note that "Toxin" is now undergoing mixing and mastering, which is being taken care of, same as on the previous two albums, by the Canadian producer and master of electronic music Rom Di Prisco



So enjoy and more next time!