Dear friends, our release plan for 2019 ads another item, as the Prague-based cyber metal orchestra MINORITY SOUND is currently finishing up with their new fourth studio album! Entitled "Toxin", it shall be released this April, ushering in something new once again.

For it is the custom of this outfit to venture into new avenues both musical and thematic with every new full-length. So, after the cosmic "The Explorer" and the dystopian "Drowner's Dance", comes the darkly narcotic "Toxin", as a far more personal testimony that was dubbed by the band itself with the moniker "of drugs and men". And though we recently already explored this motif, it will be interesting, to say the least, to get infused again from a different source.

Today thus begins our usual coverage, in which we shall dive into the compounds making this addictive concoction, with the first dose being, traditionally, some snapshots from the album deal signing.

Check out the whole gallery here.

Enjoy and more next time!