Dear friends, welcome to the third installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming eponymous debut album of the Czech black-doom commando Hnus Umírající. After our visit to the fallout bunker no.6 last time, we are moving onto the album art, while of course remaining in the realm of the dark (or shall we say fiendish) aesthetics.

Even the visual side of the debut of HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ moves along a somewhat different trajectory than what is the established norm. While usually the main artistic element is concentrated on the frontcover, in this case it is rather spread across a series of artworks that only together constitute the full-fledged motif.

These were authored by the distinctive Czech painter Petr "Gordo" Malecký, who created them exclusively for this album and what is more, not digitally, but in the classical way of an oil-painting on canvas! Their transfer onto the album format, the overall layout and DTP was then taken care of by the band's court graphic designer Kristýna Drajková, who is otherwise also involved in cinematography, i.e. film editing.

So, as you can see for yourself, there shall be plenty to look at in case of this title!

The album art is however not the only thing we have in store for you today. Hand in hand with the frontcover, we usually also announce the album tracklist, and this time will be no different. So, get ready for the following six poetically fiendish compositions:

Nechtějme to rozhodnout / Život jde dál / Dogma / Masařka hodujíc na výkalech mého života / Maruška / Úspěch se neodpouští

Enjoy and more next time!