Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming eponymous debut album of the Czech black-doom commando Hnus Umírající. This moment of our program is typically devoted to the genesis of the piece in question, and this time will be no different, though perhaps it is not what you may be accustomed to.

For expect no usual production, as we are dealing here with the pure extreme metal underground, wherein things are dealt with in the a priori D.I.Y. approach. Such was the order of the day when this nether scene was spawned, and it is so now. In this case, it thus means that no studio was involved in the making of this album. Rather, it was recorded in the fallout bunker no.6, which the lizards from HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ call their lair.

The whole process was overseen by the court sound engineer of the band, Martin Linda, who took care of also the mixing and mastering. And if this name rings no bells, let us add that in the past, Martin also mixed and mastered albums of such acts as Somnus Aeternus, Hell Paso, Sklepmaster or Draco Hypnalis. Other than that, he also composes videogame soundtracks, as well as his own music under the Amorphine project.

Enter the fiendish pits of the Prague netherworld!



Enjoy and more next time!