Dear friends, first of all, we would like to wish you only the very best in the new year, and hope you entered 2019 in style, yet with minimal consequences. Before we dive into our current affairs, there are several things that happened as the year was drawing to a close, and thus were not included in our coverage. All are however worthy of your attention.

So, here is the deal:

The second half of Decemeber brought two new music videos by our bands and in case you missed either one or both, check them out to remedy that!

The first one was by Tortharry, who translated into the audiovisual form the song "Odd Man Out" from the current album "Sinister Species". As in case of the previous music video "Without a Break", it was once again directed by Marek "Frodys" Pytlik


And since one video is not enough, Frodys followed shortly thereafter with one other, this time for his Lovecraftian project Postcards From Arkham. The song in question is "Leviathan" from the latest full-length "MANTA"

December also witnessed the various customary lists of the best releases of 2018, and we are happy to see some of our titles included.

For example the Headbangers Latinoamerica e-zine compiled a list of 100 best black metal albums of 2018, and on the 31st place you will find the debut "Uv'Derekh" by the post-black outfit DÆRRWIN


The latest full-length "Within Destruction" by NAHUM scored as well, as it was included in the best of selection of the Dutch metal YouTube channel InfidelAmsterdam.


End of transmission. Enjoy!