Dear friends, 12/12 is surely a beautiful date, which should be dedicated to some special occasion. We are devoting it to one lovely deviation, that is, to the commemorative album "Retrorgy" by the Czech grind-black legend ISACAARUM, which is released today in digipak format!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the premier of a truly spectacular spectacle of the Czech legendary perverztheatre ISACAARUM! We hope you are of a sturdy constitution, for this well-done drollery, entitled “Retrorgy” is about to have a jolly-good party in our innards. And of a character nostalgic, yet simultaneously current, as the core of the matter is the period between 1999 and 2001, manifested on the albums “Curbed” and “Cunt Hackers”, which was however given a new incarnation. It all seemed pretty much innocent at first, as in order was a single performance on the 20th installment of the Obscene Extreme festival, as part of the re-run of the roster of the very first OEF, wherein ISACAARUM appeared. Thus, the band line-up was reconstituted in an old-new fashion and to the delight of all involved reminisced about their early days. Then, however, came the “B” step, the idea to preserve the content of that performance for posterity, which brings us to the present moment – to the commemorative album “Retrorgy”, which contains precisely the best of the two aforementioned albums, yet in a new iteration, as each track was re-recorded for the occasion. No need though to fear any sort of alternative or progressive sound. These are still the good old grind blasts, with killer tempo that gives you no pause from start to finish.

That said, there is one novelty after all – lyrics. Not that the individual songs were given new ones, rather, they got lyrics, period. In other words, the curious aspect of especially “Curbed” is a complete absence of any lyrics. There are vocals on the album, but nothing sensible (or non-sensible for that matter) is sung. So, when the re-recording of the songs for “Retrorgy” was in progress, the ISACAARUM frontman Chymus decided to give the classics at long last a proper lyrical content. And it would not be grindcore, if these were considering anything other than the front and the rear of the human figure, some “interesting” sexual practices, and certain biological processes. (just go through the album tracklist and you will get the picture). Of course, the subject matter cannot be taken death-seriously, for grind is also about exaggeration and comedy, whereby here as well it is the case of black humor par excellence.

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