Dear friends, December has arrived, which means that the release of the final two titles from our anniversary release plan is at hand. Thus, we are moving on with our coverage pertaining to one of those: the upcoming commemorative album "Retrorgy" of the legendary Czech grindcore outfit ISACAARUM.

Last time we covered the album art, which means now is time to check out the music! Specifically, we have here perversion no.6 "Arts Of Farts", brought to you as a lyrics video for a significant reason.

If you are familiar with the backcatalogue of ISACAARUM, we need not remind you that "Arts Of Farts" originally appeared on the 2000 album "Curbed". And if you have been following our coverage, there is equally no need to point out again that precisely "Curbed" was not really into lyrics (the inclusion of vocals in a song does not necessarily mean that anything sensible is sung). So, when "Retrorgy" began to take shape and the early material was being re-recorded, the frontrunner Chymus decided to finally finish the missing lyrics.

So that is why a lyrics video is in order, for now you can inhale not only the new sound form, but also, for the first time, the content (and for the full immersion we recommend legumes and plenty of it)!

Apropos, if after last installment you happen to be curious as to how the dance form of Butō actually looks like, keep an eye on what goes on in the video beside the lyrics.



So enjoy and more next time!