Dear friends, today we have one more piece of news for you, i.e. another installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming commemorative album "Retrorgy" of the Czech grindcore legend ISACAARUM, which will offer you already next month re-recorded material from 1999 to 2001.

Today, we have for you the album frontcover featuring a photo of one moment from the performance "Umusuna: Memories Before History" by the Japanese dance group Sankai Juku, which specializes on Butō, a typ of performance art that developed in Japan after WWII.

The author of the photo is Jack Vartoogian who for more than 50 years has been documenting all sorts of artists, from the biggest of stars to the most obscure of performers.

And since we talk album art, let us also mention that the overall visual concept of "Retrorgy" is the brainchild of ISACAARUM's frontman Chymus. So, what do you think?

Next, we can also reveal the album tracklist, consisting of the following nine perversions:

XXX-Rapist & Goregasm / Bitchbrigade / Integrated Vulva Hacker / Mao-Sochism / Cumshot Combat / Arts of Farts / Teenage Cunt Powerplay / Vagina Panzerfaust / Clyster Squad

And who would like to know more about "Retrorgy", can check out the current press release here.

So enjoy and more next time!