Dear friends, one special thematic offering on MetalGate e-shop is concluded, and so we shall not waste any time and dive straight into another! The X-mas maddness is in almost full swing already, and so we are joining the fray. Get ready for KILLER X-MAS on MetalGate e-shop!

What is it? A kick-ass X-mas offering of titles that will be right up the alley of all the vinyl and special editions collectors!

What is the play here? Titles from this collection shall be appearing in our catalogue from Friday, Nov. 30, to Thursday, Dec. 13, every single weekday. Thus, if you do not want to miss anything, keep track of MetalGate e-shop extra carefully during this period, with an added reason being that titles offered will be available in a very limited amount.

So, if you are either looking to expand your own collection, or are hunting for a killer metal-related X-mas gift, KILLER X-MAS is here for you!

We begin in three days!