Dear friends, if you attended this year's Obscene Extreme festival, or at least kept it on your radar, we need not remind you that the 2018 installment saw the return of the legend of Czech grindcore - ISACAARUM...

...that resurfaced in partial 2000 line-up, comprised of Chymus, Vlakin (Ingrowing) and Bambus, with Ferenc (Antigod) joining in, to revisit live their early albums "Curbed" and "Cunt Hackers".

And since it would be shameful to let such a momentous occasion pass into obscurity again, the logical second step came forth, i.e. to capture the repertoire of that performance for posterity on a commemorative album to feature precisely songs from the era between 1999 and 2001, re-recorded and in some cases finally with proper lyrics.

Thus came to be a perverse reminiscence filled with black humor and grindcore mayhem, coming to inspect your innards already mid-December under the title "Retrorgy"!

This piece shall of course be the subject of our next usual coverage (beginning with the shadow deal signing), so stay tuned for more!

Check out the whole gallery here!