Dear friends, the third batch of new arrivals within our thematic event "November Doom" on MetalGate e-shop is here. So, what are we offering you this time?

Our today's triptych begins with the Swiss death-doom veterans Excruciation that are active since 1984. Our catalogue now offers all four full-lengths of theirs, from "Angels to Some, Demons to Others" to "[c]rust", which, although all created after the band reunion in 2005, stand firm in the old school sound and approach. So, if you are into raw doom compositions, with occasional excursions into other styles, these four pieces are right up your alley!

Our second new acquisition is last winter released debut "IVIIV" of the Belgian act Monads that brings slow, intense and thoroughly depressive funeral doom, the hypnotically monolithic mass of which is now and then pierced by an aggressive moment that completes the overall atmosphere. Highly recommended!

In conclusion, another debut, "When the Soul Leaves the Body", by Samsara of Slovakia, which arises from funeral doom melancholy, but simultaneously gives space to melodic parts for a more majestic atmosphere. The birth of this piece was not easy, but it was well worth the wait!

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