Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the new album "In Situ" of the industrial metal mining consortium War For War. If you are familiar with our coverage, you know that at this point of the sequence, we usually bring you a studioreport about the recording of the album in question.

There was to be no difference this time, whereby our camera descended into the depths of the earth to document the genesis of "In Situ".

However, when our crew got back to the surface, we unfortunately found out that for reasons we cannot explain, only a fragment of the footage remained (which you can see for yourself), whereby we can inform you only that unlike its predecessor, "In Situ" is a pure home-made piece, meaning that it took shape (mixing and mastering included) in the home studio of the consortium's mastermind Lord Morbivod. No further details survived.



Even so enjoy and more (for real) next time!