Dear friends, with the festival successfully behind us, it is time to resume our label related activities, since for the auspicious completion of our anniversary release plan, there are five more titles to go. So, what is next on the list?

The rest of summer will be marked by two albums by our bands, which are however on a different note than usual, and shall both take you, as well as us, to completely different genre domains.

The first in line is the new album "In Situ" of the industrial metal mining consortium War For War, which is peculiar in the sense that music-wise it is pure electronics. The band leader Morbivod decided this time to forgo the metal part and compose the album solely on electro-industrial, more specifically aggrotech, grounds. "In Situ" has been out for a while now in digital format, but due to popular demand, it will get a hardcopy release as well.

And as usual, we shall look closely on the entire matter in our coverage, which we are kicking off customarily with snapshots from the album deal signing.



Enjoy and more next time!