Dear friends, the moment is here. Today the debut album "Amnesia" of the Pilsen-based outfit InnerSphere is officially released in digipak format! And since Spring is here, what better way to enjoy it than with a dark, indeed Romantic, story with a touch of romance and supernatural, which is exactly what "Amnesia" offers in a melodic death/thrash metal setting. Order now on MetalGate e-shop!


Dear friends and fans of melodic death metal, heed well. Today, we are releasing de debut album of the Pilsen-based outfit INNERSPHERE, one of the most talented and most agile young acts on the Czech scene, which is entitled “Amnesia” and which serves as yet another example that good things take time. The genesis of this piece started already in the band founding year of 2015, when the first tracks for “Amnesia” took shape alongside the material for their debut EP. Songwriting, mainly in the hands of the guitarist and vocalist Míra Litomerický, lasted till mid-2017, whereby in January 2018, the band heads to The Barn Studio to start recording under the supervision of Dan Friml (MEAN MESSIAH). Another persona involved was the visual artist and organist Marek Pišl, who not only created the album art, but also played his organs in the eponymous title song. The outcome of all involved is a fresh and dynamic melodic death metal piece that is however not afraid to absorb other influences, such as from thrash, black or heavy.

Beside the optimal mix of metal styles, the album also offers a concept – a dark tale of self-sacrifice and painful purgatory in the name of one true love, which in fact echoes the finest traditions of the art movement of Romanticism, which in spite of its name pioneered horror and ruin especially in literature. So, if you dig authors such as Schlegel, Tieck, or E. T. A. Hoffman, then “Amnesia” is your soundtrack.

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