Dear friends, our release plan for this year is about to reach its fulfillment, since after two recently released titles, only one other remains, that being the second volume of the probe into the history of Czech metal scene, that is "Kniha kovu II". It is coming out next month, whereby we are moving on with our coverage of this matter to keep you in the know.

In today's installment, we shall cover the book from two angles.

First, we are hereby unveiling its cover, created once again by Tomáš F. Hanzl, whom you might know under the moniker "Chymus" as the frontman of bands Antigod and Isacaarum. Beside the front, Tomáš also took care of typesetting and overall appearance of the piece.

Second, here is some more info about the contents themselves. "Kniha kovu II" has 220 pages in total, divided into two parts, the first of which, between pages 8 and 109, presents the Czech doom metal, while the other, between pages 112 and 219, delves into Czech grindcore. As was the case of the vol.1, each part contains the history of the subgenre in question, an overview of bands and notable individuals, and a timeline of relevant events. Paperback was once again selected as the most suitable format.

And if you are familiar with Czech to some extent, you can find and read two short excerpts from the book in the Czech version of this website.

Enjoy and more next time!

Out December 1, 2017, under MetalGate Records!