Dear friends, and especially fans of the Czech symphonic metal hydra Arch Of Hell, you asked for it, so here you go. Today, the re-edition of the debut album "One Day" is officially released in a digipak format with new sound, new album art and a new bonus track! Order now on MetalGate e-shop!

Also, if in Brno this Saturday, November 18, drop by the release show that happens as part of Waiting for the Winter vol.10. After this gig, "One Day" will also be available on the remaining shows of the Winter Is Coming Tour.

The theme of one day and of events within it can be encountered wherever, be it in the popular culture, as in the U.S. 2001 TV series “24”, or classical culture, where for instance James Joyce framed within a single day his novel Ulysses, and even in academia, where comes to mind Maurice Blanchot and his contemplation of this motif in his essay La Folie du jour (Madness of the Day). All in all, there is something fascinating on this time interval, which in a larger context appears somewhat insignificant (or utterly so, if you take through the optics of geological time), but on the other hand, a lot can happen in it. In 2009, this tradition was joined by the Czech symphonic metal hydra ARCH OF HELL, who dedicated their debut, aptly entitled “One Day” to this motif, and although eight years passed since its release, this piece became so much sought after that now MetalGate Records is releasing its re-edition with a new sound, new album art, and a new bonus track that is absent on the first issue.

“One Day” is thereby a conceptual piece, as every single track covers a particular event, moment and even emotion of the day. For example, the third song “Black Night” brings us to the so-called “hour of the wolf”, instead of sleep comes the whole weight of the world. Or in “One Moment” we can find echoes of Fichte’s concept of “Streben”, that is, of everyday striving towards a certain set goal or ideal, which cannot necessarily be attainable. There is however also a purely personal emotional plane, as in songs “Only For One Day” and “Romance Of Afterlife”, since said events, moments and emotions do not belong to the day in general, but have a human dimension in the main protagonist of the whole album. In other words, “One Day” does not present a day, but someone’s day. Who that someone is, is not of importance. It can be you.

The second iteration of “One Day” took shape this spring in the Neuro Impulse Sound Studio that took care of not only the new mix and mastering, but also of recording the aforementioned bonus track, which is singular for two reasons. First, it is the very first purely acoustic song in the history of ARCH OF HELL, and second, it is in a way a synopsis of the whole album, for it summarizes its most powerful moments. The new album art was made by Marek Dvořák, a former member of ARCH OF HELL, who referenced the original visual, but in a new take.

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