Dear friends, it is official. The second studio album "Brownfields" of the Czech tandem Gorgonea Prima is out! Get ready for diverse modern album, raw yet progressive, presenting industrial black metal at its finest

In short, a soundtrack to the iron metropolis that is a must have! Order now on MetalGate e-shop.

So far there are not that many unusual black metal projects on the Czech scene, but all the more valuable jewels can be found there. One of them is no doubt the Kladno-based tandem GORGONEA PRIMA that fuses in their music raw black metal with industrial and electronic sounds, and unleashes now their second studio album “Brownfields”. This piece comes seven years after their debut, with some of its parts originating even before “Black Coal Depression”, so in a sense it reflects the entire band evolution thus far. Its listener shall thus find forceful marches, as well as slower, even balladic, compositions, and on top there is no shortage of experiments, whereby the former can be encountered in purely electronic form, while the latter explore clean vocals and even duets. “Brownfields” hence offers a wider spectrum of moods than its predecessor, which after all stems from the range of motifs, often even personal, woven into all the songs, but simultaneously retains that raw feeling that GORGONEA PRIMA’s signature from the beginning.

The new album took shape in the RiverSound Studio, wherein the recording sessions lasted two years, during which the new material matured, got polished to perfection, as well as was enriched with contributions by the album’s guests, namely by the bass guitarist Michal Beneš from the band Perutě, vocalists Dana Yousifová, Lucka Hamzová and Honza Mašek from bands Dirty Blondes, Firefly and CTM, and by the violoncellist Terezie Kovalová. Besides composing, the band’s frontman, Hogath, also took command of the visual side of “Brownfields”, creating a minimalistic, yet depressively dreary art, which includes the impressive photo of the English coal powerplant Fiddlers Ferry by Andrew Howe in its frontcover, and which is spot on when it comes to capturing the overall album vibe visually.

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