Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming continuation of the literary mapping of the history of Czech metal scene, that is, to vol.2 of "Kniha kovu", penned once again by the journalist and musician Václav Votruba.

If you recall, last time we said that the next installment of "Kniha kovu" shall cover two contrasting, and on the Czech scene quite popular, metal subgenres. Today, we shall elaborate on the matter.



As could have been guessed from the first "graveyard" teaser, one side of this proverbial coin is the Czech doom metal, while the other, as apparent from the current "junkyard" teaser, is the Czech grindcore - the younger brothers of the classic metal trinity that was the subject of vol.1. The modus operandi remains the same, meaning that each part shall contain on one hand a study of the evolution of the given subgenre, once again vis-á-vis the memories and opinions of those that were involved, and an overview of key bands and individuals on the other.

Same as last time, it will be a fascinating read. Enjoy and more next time!