Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming re-edition of the debut album "One Day" of the Czech symphonic metal hydra Arch Of Hell. Today we bring you several things: 

First, we would like to show you the new frontcover, created by Marek Dvořák, a former member of AoH. Since this is a second iteration of an existing piece, the new art references the motif of the 2009 version, but gives it a new spin. If you have the first edition at home, feel free to compare. 

Second, here is the album tracklist that contains not only the original ten songs, yet in a new sound, i.e.: 

Rise To The Victory / Utopia Treasure / Black Night / Only For One Day / Fateful / (Sin)cere World / Romance Of Afterlife / One Moment / Cry For The Angel / Last Path To Oblivion 

But also a brand new bonus track "One Day" in a purely acoustic form, which you will not find on the 2009 version! 

And finally, starting today you can pre-order the "One Day" re-edition on MetalGate e-shop!

Enjoy and more next time!