Dear friends, we would like to announce our final title for 2017, which will be a bit different from the others, in that it will not be strictly musical, but also literary. For with its second volume returns "Kniha Kovu" (Book of Metal), which maps the history of the Czech metal scene!

You can expect it December 1, 2017, that is, a year after the release of volume one, in which its author Václav Votruba (music journalist and active musician) explored the origins and evolution of Czech black, death and thrash metal, vis-á-vis the memories and opinions of the key figures of the subgenres in question.

The second volume shall continue with such format, delving this time into two contrasting metal subgenres that are quite popular in the Czech Republic. For now, we shall keep to ourselves which these two are, but you can already get a hint from the first teaser, which opens our coverage of this title. Take a guess.



Enjoy and more next time!