Dear friends, the entertainment column is back, as we would like to introduce you the next label-related project of ours for the second half of this year. This time we are joining forces with the popular symphonic metal hydra Arch Of Hell from Brno that resurfaced last year with the release of their second studio album "Freakshow".

The current project however relates to its predecessor, the 2009 debut "One Day". Since this album is still sought after by the fans, the idea of a re-edition was born. And that is something we cannot miss! And when re-edition, then with all the perks, i.e. a new mastering, a visual facelift and a bonus! More details are to come in our usual coverage that begins today with several snapshots from the recent album deal signing.

Check out the whole gallery here.

Get ready next month!

Enjoy and more next time.