Shortly from the entertainment column: yesterday, September 26, the representatives of MetalGate Records and of the Czech industrial black metal act Gorgonea Prima met in Kladno in early evening and signed the release deal for the new album "Brownfields", which is coming next month.

The happening took place at the source of band's inspiration, that is, among the remains of the once grand industrial complex of Kladno. In fact, no other place would do. For the word "Brownfields" is not only the album name, but also a term that label lands previously used for industrial purposes, but then left abandoned. It is thus apparent that such sites, where concrete edifices, rusting skeletons of heavy machinery and pits of toxic waste stand as silent witnesses of the transience (and perhaps also folly) of human activity, will be the backdrop against which this piece shall unfold.

So, now it is official! We welcome Gorgonea Prima to the MetalGate family, and you get ready for their new creation! Check out the whole photogallery from the deal signing here.

Enjoy and more next time.