The Arkham ride continues. To accentuate even more the release of the third studio album "MANTA" of the Lovecraftian post-rock project Postcards From Arkham, we prepared for you on MetalGate e-shop two special bundles, and, in cooperation with, a stream of the whole album!

In case you have not yet heard the new album "MANTA", stop what you are doing and head on to Marast e-zine, where this piece is now being streamed exclusively in its entirety!

And when you are done listening, drop by MetalGate e-shop, wherein awaits you not only the album itself, but also a special offer of bundles of PfA releases.

The first one - AZATHOTH BUNDLE - contains the whole discography of PfA, that is, the albums "MANTA", "ÆØN5", as well as the debut "Oceanize". Please bear in mind that the availability of this bundle is LIMITED TO 10 PCS., so if you want to have all of the PfA releses, do not hesitate

The second one - NYARLATHOTEP BUNDLE - is comprised of albums "MANTA" and "ÆØN5".

But that is not all. On top of all this, we are adding a free bonus to both bundles, i.e. the "Damnation & The Rotten Brood" split by Awrizis (the second band of PfA frontman Frodys) and Desire for Sorrow.