Are you looking forward to the new album "Visions" by Desire for Sorrow? We certainly do, and the themes of the album, which we will delve into today in our coverage pertaining to this title, give us even more reason to.

For "Visions" will be lyric-wise a conceptual cyberpunk piece! As we hinted last time, the album plot shall take us to the future, specifically to a point of mankind's great triumph - its conquest of death! A remedy was invented that gives man immortality.

On one hand, it sounds great (after all, who did not at one point or another dream about extending one's existence ad infinitum), yet since a cyberpunk future is rather dystopian than utopian, on the other hand things are not as peachy as they appear.

First, immortality is only for those who can afford it, which is inevitably splitting the society into two camps among which logically rises an escalating tension.

Second, even the immortals themselves must now face new pitfalls. Time and fragility of life suddenly mean nothing, which has a profound impact on the perception of existence as such, since it looses for them its original value and meaning. If we take into account the thesis of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger that being-in-the-world is the being-towards-death, meaning that death defines our existence whether we realize it or not, and if we take this endstation out of the equation, is there anything of equal gravitas with which to replace it? If the existential urgency given by nothing lasting forever disappears, how then do we avoid a condition, wherein nothing simply matters anymore?

We could continue like that on and on. Simply put, there is plenty of food for thought on "Visions", and combined with a cyberpunk backdrop and a melodic black metal soundtrack, it spells an album you should not miss. So mark May 2017 in you calendar!

That is it for today. Next time we will start delving into more prosaic, but no less interesting, aspects of the album. Enjoy!