Since the discography of the Czech death metal icon Tortharry is rather extensive, we will not delay and introduce another piece thar you will find in the upcoming complete re-edition "25 let mezi nebem a peklem".

That being the sixth studio album "Round Table of Suicide" which was released on CD in 2008 under Noisehead Records. It was the second album with a new line-up, whereby the band members were far better used to one another, making the outcome better than in case of "Reborn".

Recording took place once again in the Shaark Studio in Bzenec and thanks to their familiarity with the place and its vicinity, Tortharry could really go full throttle on this one. That entailed such escapades as Panther regularly falling asleep in the Four Roses bar which prompted the staff to ask on the fifth such occasion whether the gentleman would have the usual, that is, a double vodka and a pillow; or exiting a pub in haste without paying the bill; or drunken bowling, wherein during Máca's throw, the ball ended in the wall behind him, whereas Dan Pavlík (guitar, vocals) tripped and fell while scoring a strike without overstepping. In short, the recording went very well :-)

The tracklist of "Round Table of Suicide" contains 12 songs plus intro, and as is customary in our presentation, we have one for you as a sample - i.e. the 6th track from the 6th album, "Case 6":


Worth mentioning is also the next track "Case 7", to which a music video was made:


Enjoy and more next time!

"25 let mezi nebem a peklem" is released in a limited 300 pieces issue December 17, 2016, by MetalGate Records!